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    Don’t Go Out There Alone! The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Adds Curator’s Cut And Free Friend’s Pass

    Recruit a friend to explore the secrets within The Dark Pictures Anthology as announced by Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco Entertainment. All existing owners of any of the three entries in the series, Man of Medan, Little Hope, or House of Ashes, will gain access to a free Friend’s Pass. Enabling players to experience one full playthrough of that game via Multiplayer Shared Story mode with a friend who does not own the game.


    Unveil the horrific discoveries of House of Ashes, Little Hope, or Man of Medan together! The offer is open until February 28th on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PCs via Steam – and the friend must be playing on the same platform. To access the game, your friend must download the Trial version of Man of Medan, Little Hope, or House of Ashes first.

    The House of Ashes Curator’s Cut is now free for everyone! Originally released as a pre-order DLC bonus, the Curator’s Cut can now be unlocked for all players once they have completed a playthrough of the game in theatrical (normal) mode. The mode allows players to replay the game from a different perspective, with different playable characters in certain scenes, new choices, new outcomes, and frightening new deaths.

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