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    Gun-Slinging Sorcery CRPG Dark Envoy Reveals Character Specializations And Hands-On At Gamescom 2023

    Dark Envoy, the tactical steampunk fantasy CRPG from the Polish developer Event Horizon has revealed a Classes and Specializations video. The team will also be attending Gamescom this year and looking forward to showing off the game and sharing some surprises.

    You can choose from 4 classes and 12 specializations as Malakai and Kaela. Players are encouraged to experiment with classes, specs, and skills and find the most efficient tactical builds. Will you go for the gunslinging Ranger, the Adept Elementatlist, or try something entirely outside of your comfort zone? There’s also the ability to use hand-drawn skills that give players even more freedom. This approach allows players to adjust combat to their style (real-time or slow-time / pause in the tactical mode). There are also 6 companions with assigned classes and specializations to support you on your quest across the mesmerizing world of Jäan.

    If you’re heading to Gamescom this year you’re very welcome to meet the team and try the game for yourself at the Indie Arena Booth within the Koelnmesse Wed, Aug 23rd – Sat, Aug 26th.

    Dark Envoy will release on PC and you can wishlist now on Steam

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