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    Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds – Early Access Planned On Early 2024

    Ocelot Technologies has announced that the Early Access to their new pixel-based tactical RPG, “Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds,” will be in early 2024.

    The game, emphasizing tactical turn-based gameplay and extensive customization options for players and companions, will be available on Steam, where it can currently be added to wishlists.

    Yasser Saleem, Chief Technology Officer at Ocelot Technologies, describes “Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds” as a product of years of development, aiming to pay tribute to classic RPGs while incorporating innovative elements.

    The game is set in the fantastical world of Aarde, where players embark on a unique adventure, exploring an open world and crafting distinct character builds. Saleem expresses hope that RPG enthusiasts will appreciate the game’s emphasis on customization and exploration.

    The game draws inspiration from iconic RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and EverQuest. Set in Aarde, players join the Heroes Guild and venture to the new continent of Andra. The journey, initially straightforward, soon entangles players in a complex plot of intrigue and conflict, with the potential to shape the world’s destiny.

    The game blends tactical turn-based combat with deep customization, offering players the freedom to shape their journey through Aarde’s rich and mysterious landscapes. Key features include:

    • An expansive open world full of secrets and vast landscapes.
    • A diverse range of companions, each with unique abilities and storylines influencing gameplay.
    • Strategic turn-based combat requiring careful planning and execution.
    • Extensive customization options, including over 100 skills across 10 schools, to create unique characters.
    • A wide array of loot, including powerful weapons and artifacts, to enhance gameplay.
    • A unique art style with beautifully lit scenes and thousands of customization options for player characters, complemented by an original soundtrack featuring over 15 tracks.

    Early Access to “Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds,” will be in early 2024. The game will be available on Steam and is currently available on Wishlist now.

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