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    Grab your friends and join the party with the launch of The Jackbox Party Pack 6!

    For any party-goers bring your friends along for the ride with The Jackbox Party Pack 6, as announced by developer Jackbox Games. Keep your party alive with 5 bizarre yet hilarious party games. Check out the trailer below:

    The Jackbox Party Pack 6 features five of the most sidesplitting and uproarious party games that have ever existed, including:

    • Trivia Murder Party 2– A trivia where wrong answers will lead player’s to their demise and fight for their lives in wide, absurd challenging minigames (1-8 players).
    • Dictionarium Comes a wacky word game where you compete with each other in creating made- up definitions and made- up words (3-8 players).
    • Push The Button- Try to detect who among your friends are aliens in this secret identity game while tasking all of them take on a bizarre writing and drawing (4-10 players).
    • Joke Boat Be an aspiring stand up comedian where you and your boatmates compete in a talent show on a cruise ship, may the best joke wins (3-8 players).
    • Role Models- A personality game putting you and your friends as guinea pigs for a mad scientist, task to place labels on each other to find out who you are perceived to be (3-6 players). This is also Jackbox Games’ first title to support player selfies as avatars!

    This game also supports phones, tablets, and computers as controllers. Players will simply log in to with your selected device and enter the room code to play. Supporting up to 10,000 additional audience members that could join specific games to affect their final outcome. Other options include passworded games, manual censoring, subtitles, and family-friendly modes make it easy for families and streamers to host the perfect party this holiday season.

    Join the fun as the game has been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC/ MAC/ Linux and more. While the Europe version will be releasing on October 23, 2019.

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