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    God Eater 3- New Gameplay Video

    Bandai Namco has recently showcased a new God Eater 3 gameplay video at Tokyo Gaming Show 2018.
    This will be a sequel to God Eater 2 Rage Burst with the main protagonist being able to dual wield; a first for the series. Here is the new trailer from TGS 2018:


    Besides the recently revealed Accel Trigger, here are the new features announced:

    • Skill Install– receiving rewards after a mission referred as “Outlived God Arcs” which can be installed under God Arc Skills, increasing health, speed buffs while carrying items, and certain attacks.
    • Burst plugins- An upgradable set for each God Arc parts such as weapons, shield and guns which may include plugins such as preemptive strike for increase weapon attack during Burst State, High Torque for reduction of ST consumption while in Burst State and Wall for reduced damage during Burst State
    • Engage– a system that increase gauge when you are standing at a certain range with your teammates; granting buffs to all engaged players after gauge is full including Accel Triggers.
    • Biting Edge– a 2 weapon in one form of close range type God Arc with first form Dual Wielding for quick 2 hand slashes and thrust while able to transform to the next form Mow Down with wide range attacks, but halting your stamina regeneration. Requiring balance between these 2 forms while playing.
    • Meet my Biting Edge
    • Raygun is a Long Range type weapon aka God Arc; firing radiation shots in beams which gets stronger as it gets more irradiated
    • Check out my Guns
    • Heavy Moon is a new curved edge blade that does wide slashes in large motions, with combos to extend and turns it into a giant battleaxe
    • Lets put that smile on that face of yours


    Here are other gameplay videos presented however these are without English subtitles by Famitsu:

    • Mission called “An Invitation to Thunder”


    • Mission called “Emperor of the Ashlands”


    • Mission called “Banshin of Hell”


    • Two 10 minute gameplay videos by V-Jump:




    The game will be releasing early for Japan on December 13 for PlayStation 4 meanwhile in the West it is slated to release in Early 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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