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    GigaBash announces a new trailer featuring long-anticipated singleplayer Story Mode!

    It’s time for Titans to clash this TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE. GigaBash premiered a fresh new trailer revealing unprecedented cutscenes, never-before-seen NPCs, and gameplay footage from their long-anticipated Story Mode which has secretly been in development up until now.

    GigaBash’s Story Mode features 4 unique campaigns. Each campaign is centered around a character’s backstory, life journey, and quirky personality. These playable character campaigns are Gorogong, Pipijuras, Woolley, and Thundatross. All of them are designed to be short-and-sweet while being cohesively tied to each other within the GigaBash universe.

    Story Mode strives to offer a linear and narrative-driven single-player experience that serves as an extension to the core game mode of GigaBash, which is a mayhem-inspiring 4-player arena brawler. Other than a fun story, it also provides hand-crafted scenarios and bonus challenges to help players master the characters they are playing by drawing inspiration from the base game’s characters, maps, and mechanics. Story Mode also features story-exclusive maps, more soundtracks, unique NPCs, achievements, and a whole lot of unlockable world-building lore.

    We hope each story brings a different flavor to the game – We wanted to expand on GigaBash’s world and its colorful characters while offering more avenues of enjoyment for our fans.”

    Mel Law – GigaBash Co-Director

    The base game is confirmed to come together with Story Mode and is set for release in early 2022 on PC and PlayStation 4. GigaBash is now available for Wishlist on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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