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    Get ready for some grappling action in Get-A-Grip Chip, grappling platformer for PC via Steam

    Redstart Interactive has launched its grappling platformer, Get‑A‑Grip Chip on Steam for PC, MacOS, and Linux. A twist on the traditional platformer, players use their trusty grappling hook to survive the onslaught of obstacles to be rewarded with your lost Battery Bots. Check out the announcement trailer below:

    Help Chip save the lost Battery Bots on a perilous journey through the treacherous depths of a robot assembly factory. The catch? The Hooks! When piloting Chip, you can’t jump, but you can soar over the pits of molten metal, giant crushers, pools of toxic waste, shifting saws and high-powered lasers using your trusty head-mounted grapple!

    With 30 meticulously crafted levels across 5 diverse worlds, Get-a-Grip Chip is sure to get you (grappling) Hooked! Dodge deadly obstacles, rescue the Battery Bots, and race your friends (or rivals) for the top spot on the leaderboards.

    Hot tracks accompany the fresh platforming challenges throughout – the original soundtrack is not only chock full of slappers by Stimmerman, it’s available as bundled DLC and you can check it out individually here.

    The final level of each world is timed to the beat of its track, so getting into the music will also get you into a perfect gameplay flow.

    Key features of the game:

    • Escape a gauntlet of high-flying and fast-moving obstacles
    • Soar through 5 worlds and 30 levels of grappling mayhem
    • Explore hidden areas and complete challenges to rescue all your robot friends
    • Race to the top spot on worldwide per-level leaderboards
    • Launch to the beat and sail through riffs to escape each world’s rockin’ final level
    • Play your own way with a controller or with keyboard & mouse


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