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    Georifters aims to be a platformer that alters from the ground up

    Portrayed as a ground bending platformer by developer Busy Toaster Games and publisher Another Indie introduces Georifters. This game allows you to smash, twist and turn your world into a tool or a weapon. Choose your characters and master their skills while playing with friends be it co-operating or competing.

    Key platforming features:

    • Dress up your characters by unlocking multiple exclusively themed costumes
    • Unlocking collectable stickers will allow the upgrade of abilities
    • Access to hundreds of levels
    • Join the Adventure mode in solo or co-op with a friend
    • Race against the clock with Time Trial or Battle Race mode as you compete with up to 4 people

    The game is slated for release to release in the next year for current generation consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and lastly PC via Steam.

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