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    Garmin Malaysia Presents The World’s First ONE PIECE Inspired Smartwatch

    Garmin Malaysia has launched the limited edition Instinct 2 Solar ONE PIECE smartwatches, featuring classic characters from the iconic Japanese anime and manga. Inspired by the captain Monkey D.Luffy, the swordsman Roronoa Zoro and the doctor Tony Tony Chopper, the smartwatch comes in three editions, weaving classic elements from the anime into the rugged DNA of the Instinct series. The limited-edition Instinct 2 Solar ONE PIECE collection will be available at a suggested retail price of RM 2,299 each at all Garmin stores, Shopee, and Lazada. To commemorate the birthday of Monkey D.Luffy on 5th May, the collection will also be available on the AECO e-store.

    “Since the launch of the Instinct series, we have taken pride in engineering smartwatches with outstanding features and have continuously delivered various themed smartwatches to celebrate the adventurous spirit of our active users. With the latest collaboration with world-famous anime and manga ONE PIECE, we have integrated iconic elements into the watch design, built-in features, watch faces and packaging. By doing so, the Instinct 2 Solar ONE PIECE, Asia Limited Edition is designed to be the perfect companion for every ‘sailing’ enthusiast.”

    Mr. Scoppen Lin – Assistant General Manager, Garmin Asia

    Exclusive watch faces inspired by classic ONE PIECE characters – Instinct 2 Solar ONE PIECE, Asia Limited Edition – inspiring you to “Trust Your Nakama, Trust Your Instinct.”



    Monkey D.Luffy Limited Edition (45mm Instinct 2)

    Inspired by Monkey D.Luffy, the main protagonist of ONE PIECE who got his ability from the Gum-gum Fruit, this pirate-black colorway has a buckle embellished with skull, crossbones details, features a red and yellow bezel and button accents that embody Luffy‘s optimism and courage: ” I’M GOING TO BECOME THE KING OF PIRATES!!!!!”

    Roronoa Zoro Limited Edition (45mm Instinct 2)

    Roronoa Zoro’s goal in life is “to become the world’s greatest swordsman”. Taking its cue from Zoro’s iconic hair color and clothing, this design manifests his signature three-sword fighting style. — “THE DAY I DECIDED TO BE THE WORLD’S GREATEST SWORDSMAN, I GAVE MYSELF UP FOR DEAD.”

    Tony Tony Chopper Limited Edition (40mm Instinct 2S)

    When Tony Tony Chopper first joined the Straw Hat Crew, he said, ” I WILL BECOME THE DOCTOR WHO CAN CURE EVERYTHING! ” Inspired by Chopper’s adorable characteristic as well as the classic scene where sakura falls, this design features a dynamic and lovely pink case and a light blue button on the side, exuding Chopper’s incomparably cute charm.

    Additionally, the watch faces are embellished with skull and crossbones details. Character illustrations adorn a faux-woodgrain treasure chest containing exclusive authorised stickers and display stands that add to its unique collectible value.

    Instinct 2 Solar

    This series is built in compliance with MIL-STD-810 tests for waterproofing, drop and shock resistance, thermal/cold resistance, and corrosion resistance. The Instinct 2 Solar is water-rated to 100 meters and equipped with a proprietary Power Glass solar charging display, the watch can now achieve 30% greater solar conversion. When used with the Power Manager system, it can efficiently raise the battery life for longer, unlimited usage.

    With built-in multi-satellite positioning (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite networks), altimeter, barometer, electronic compass, and the Tracback function, you can accurately navigate back to the ‘Great Line’.

    The Instinct 2 Solar ONE PIECE enables users to challenge their limits with more than 30 indoor and outdoor built-in sports modes, including running, mountaineering, weights, rock climbing, golf, skiing, surfing, kite surfing and sailing etc. It is also equipped with all-day advanced health monitoring.

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