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    Frogsong: a heartfelt RPG adventure starts a Kickstarter

    Indie developer Brandon Braun shows a new charming RPG game titled Frogsong as well as its Kickstarter. The game is planned for Windows, Mac, and Linux release in 2022. Here’s a beta demo available right now to play on the provided link.

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    FROGSONG is a heartfelt adventure game where it’s okay to be small.

    Chorus is a little frog with huge dreams of protecting the world. Being a tree frog, however, society expects them to lead a life of religious studies, instead of training to be a warrior. Their small size certainly doesn’t help anyone take them seriously, either. Seeking a better life, Chorus moves to Boreala, a village where members of the Defense Guild train under the wisdom of an old veteran. They quickly learn things aren’t going to be as easy as they hoped. With a powerful army and a mysterious rumour both on the rise, Chorus needs to discover how they can protect the ones they love – before it’s too late.

    Explore a beautiful, atmospheric land and fight monsters on your journey to find your place in the world.


    • Friends and foes brought to life in expressive hand-drawn 2D animation!
    • Talk to lots of cute and strange characters as you explore the land of Salia!
    • Explore five unique areas filled with their own special monsters, villages, and bosses!
    • Help your friends throughout their day to day lives!
    • Upgrade your blade at the blacksmith’s shop for stronger attacks!
    • Follow a heartfelt story that deals with themes of hope, found family, and what it means to be important!
    • Try to make the world just a little bit better!
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