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    Alchemy Stars has gone global and is ready for play

    Alchemy Stars is a long-awaited strategy mobile RPG that just reached its global launch on June 17th.

    The game employs a hero-collection route and players are to use the various combination to counterplay enemies. Each hero has its own specialities, strengths and weaknesses. So it is up to players to strategically deploy the right heroes to ensure victory.

    The story of the game revolves around the world of Astra, whom the Aurorians and Caelestites have been inhabiting. Peace does not last long as dark creatures call Eclipsites came to invade. Players will take the role of the sole survivor of the Caelestites race to fight back the dark army, along with the help of the Aurorians.

    Alchemy Stars uses coloured tile-based gameplay during battles. Each coloured tile represents a different element – Red for Fire, Blue for Water, Yellow for thunder and Green for Forest.

    In order to make an attack for specific characters, players are required to match the colours associates with the element the character represents.

    There will be over 80 different characters that are split between 6 factions. Players will have a huge variety of mix and match for different battles. Unlike other similar games, where the goal is to collect high rated characters and steamroller from there. There will be certain stages that require certain skills to proceed hence players will need to develop and use characters across different rarities.

    Players will also have the chance to explore further the back story the characters by playing through the character’s stories, chatting with them, or spending time with them in the Colossus.

    The Colossus is a place where you can have your social gatherings with your characters and acquire important materials and resources.

    Similar to Arknights, there will be facilities that can be improved when certain characters are deployed there to increase production efficiency.

    Alchemy Stars is available to download now through the Google Play Store and App Store.

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