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    Introducing a chill game about sky exploring with Cloud Jumper

    Indie developer Hyper Luminal Games Ltd introduces a beautiful pixel world with the upcoming game Cloud Jumper coming to PC with no announcement date yet.

    Source: Hyper Luminal Games

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    Beautifully Retro

    Inspired by classic pixel art and Ghibli style vistas, Cloud Jumper combines crunchy, low-fi pixelization with modern post-processing and visual effects to create a stunningly beautiful visual style.

    Pick Your Path

    Upgrade your Ship across three distinct playstyles:

    • Craft and transport goods as the Trader, buying and selling across the Sky
    • Map uncharted islands as the Explorer and discover every hidden location
    • Decipher ancient relics as the Researcher, uncovering stories of a race long forgotten

    Cast of Characters

    From gruff pelican port masters and savvy chameleon saloon owners to adventurous corgi pups and ancient dragon caretakers; the world of Cloud Jumper is brimming with wonderful creatures.

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