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    French Indie Gem TRPG Wantless Offers Free Demo On Steam

    Twin Sails Interactive has announced that it has partnered with French independent developer Drop Rate Studio to publish its upcoming game Wantless. This turn-based tactical RPG, releasing in early access in fall 2023, will pit players against their patients’ worst nightmares and woes.

    On the cusp of Steam Next Fest, a free demo of Wantless is now available for players to try the game. This demo, featuring over a dozen enemies and bosses, will give players a glimpse of the skill-crafting potential in the game, with several thousand available combinations to play around with in the abilities creation menu.

    “For Wantless publishing, we primarily sought communication and marketing expertise. However, it was also important for us to work with people that understand development and who, like us, would keep the game’s quality as their highest priority.”
    “Twin Sails was exactly what we expected. They’re going above and beyond their publishing mission to act as a considerate extension of the team – supporting us with consistent feedback on game design, production, and organization.”

    Théo Maudet – Founder of Drop Rate Studio

    Wantless is a fast-paced tactical RPG mixing extensive skill-crafting and challenging turn-based combat. Donning the coat of Eiris, one of the last Transposers, players will have to face horrors made manifest and walk the fine line of morality in a dying world. Players will warp inside their patients’ tormented minds to deal with their woes while trying to preserve their memories, or suffer the consequences.

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    Each action undertaken by Eiris will empower every enemy in the room. The more the player acts, the more resources their opponents will have, creating a delicate balance of actions. Players must mindfully use the environment to their advantage to even the odds. From carefully placed explosives to pools of noxious poison, there is no ignoring the terrain in this merciless tactical combat.

    “When Drop Rate Studio approached us with Wantless, we immediately felt we had uncovered the type of design gem that talented, ingenious indie teams are typically able to create.”
    “We were seduced by the motivation and passion that shine through the studio’s work, which perfectly match our own culture. We are also delighted to be able to work once again with a French developer and support local independent creators.”

    Nicolas Godement – Managing Director of Twin Sails

    To prevail, Eiris will have access to a deep skill-forging system, allowing players to modify their skills’ effect, form, range, and more. Specializing in close-combat combos, raining death from afar, or manipulating the battlefield, players can forge their own playstyle, improving it after each run!

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