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    Free Fire Unveils New Logo Ahead Of Its Planned Brand Refresh In July

    Garena has unveiled Free Fire’s new logo, ahead of its official brand refresh this July. The new Free Fire logo will retain key details fans and players are familiar with – the iconic Free Fire knife – while also evoking a more modern and dynamic look that matches the energy of Free Fire’s evolving global community.

    Refreshed logo inspired by Free Fire community

    Building on Free Fire’s first-ever global brand campaign last year, the new logo reflects and strengthens the game’s distinct Battle in Style identity, echoing the stylish, youthful and free-spirited nature of players and fans.

    “Our global community has always been the driving force behind every change we bring to Free Fire. Through this brand refresh, we hope to create a signature art style unique to Free Fire, enabling them to enjoy a more immersive and inclusive in-game experience,”
    “The new logo is just one part of Free Fire’s new look and we can’t wait to share more exciting updates in the coming weeks.”

    Harold Teo – Producer of Free Fire, Garena

    More stylistic changes in store

    Players and fans can look forward to a host of other visual element changes which will be rolled out over the coming weeks. These include:

    • A new font family “Garena Free Fire”, a.ka. “GFF”, co-created by famed type designer, Akira Kobayshi.
    • A brand new set of brand graphics inspired by the new Free Fire logo and in-game UI, set to add more realism and intensity to gameplay. 

    Stay tuned to Free Fire Malaysia’s official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for the latest updates.

    Free Fire can be downloaded on both the Apple iOS App and Google Play store.

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