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    Four-Player Turn-Based, Free To Play Strategy Board Game Spiritle Is Available Now On PC And Mobile

    Fabled Game, the creators behind the popular roguelike card game Pirates Outlaws, is proud to announce that their latest four-player turn-based strategy digital board game, Spiritle, available now on Steam, Epic, Google Play and coming soon to the App Store to download for free.

    Spiritle is a party game where players take on the role of an incarnated spirit and battle against friend and foe to reclaim their place in the World Tree. Featuring 4-player cross-platform play, Spiritle tasks players to choose one of 8 different spirits drawing energy from the four elements – all with unique capabilities and play styles – and gain control of the board. Spiritle battles also take place across 4 Seasons, each lasting 3 months and offering unique enchantments that impact players’ strategic choices, such as changing the environment, a character’s skill selection, or even the entire game board.

    With Spiritle, we really wanted to put a unique spin on the turn-based party game – With our colourful cast of characters and varied unique movesets there are options for every kind of play style, and the seasonal enchantments system keeps gameplay dynamic and exciting. Tied with the beautifully illustrated visuals we believe there is something here for every fan of the genre and can’t wait for players to get stuck in

    Nicolas Lavergne – Game Producer at Fabled Game Studio

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