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    Fortnite Update has a returning Favorite Weapon

    Fortnite has always been updating the number of weapons available in the game since launch. One of the weapons added that instantly turned into a favourite for players was the Guided Missile. The Guided Missile not only dealt huge damage, it was also used by players as a mode of transport by shooting and then jumping onto the missile. This caused a major problem in terms of balance and soon Epic had the weapon removed from the game.

    Fortnite Guide Missile Launcher

    But fret not! As the Guided Missile will be returning to Fortnite soon. The new Guided Missile will receive some nerfs like reduced damage and reduced missile movement speed to name a few. There will also be changes to the SMG and Remote Explosives in their attempt to further balance the game.

    For more details on the upcoming update, here is a video from Fortnite’s official YouTube Channel:


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