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    First Impression : WIPEOUT Omega Collection

    Wipeout Omega Collection is finally here on the PlayStation 4! I’ve only played the game for an hour or so and already saw some undoubtedly nice things. Lets start with the graphics, the game looks amazing and they (developers) know it, the game even came with a freaking Photo Mode, it says alot on their confidence.

    **All the images used in this article were taken using Wipeout’s built-in Photo Mode.

    Races in Wipeout are generally fast and I don’t just mean “fast” on the speedometer, I meant everything moves really fast in this game. One tight corner after another within a short distance and your vehicle is travelling at such scary speed and sometimes you land on a boost pad which sends you forward even faster. Some of these tight corners are unforgiving and rarely leaves any room for mistake, its either you get through them perfectly or you start scratching your paint job left and right (which reduces your speed dramatically). Those corners and other players shooting at ya “Mario Kart” style. But, wow! Wipeout is freaking fun!

    I’ll see how long it takes before I get bored but for now I am enjoying every bits of it.

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