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    Battleborn is now free to play!

    Gearbox Software’s Battleborn is now free to play. Somewhat. You’ll still need the PS+ membership to access this. So here’s the breakdown.

    • No time limits.
    • No level cap.
    • Unlockable contents (or purchased).
    • 6 playable characters out of 30 (rotated on a weekly basis).
    • Character and account progression is permanent.
    • Any purchased items will be compensated with in-game credits should there be a duplicate upon upgrade to the full version
    • Auto upgrade to “Founder” status for those who already owns the game prior to F2P. Read more here.

    Ok, that’s it. For more info, watch the trailer below and visit the official site. I’m off to download the free version as my Editor refuses to buy me a copy. *Sorry boss*

    Born to be wild, born to be free…


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