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    Find Out Which Are the Top 22 Selected Nightography Scripts!

    Samsung Malaysia Electronics launched, Born of the Galaxy Stars, a short film competition endorsed by the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) that seeks 22 aspiring filmmakers to produce their short films with the Galaxy S22 Series.

    With many amazing scripts and stories submitted from 28 March until 24 April, indeed, it was tough and it took the judges many rounds of deliberations before they selected the Top 22 stories for the Born of the Galaxy Stars short film competition. They are delighted by the sheer number of participants in this round of the competition as they see your ideas and imaginations in awe and wonder – proving there’s a wealth of local storytelling potential and film talent.

    They are excited to announce the 22 shortlisted candidates who will go forward in the exciting short film competition, ‘Borderless with Nightography’. Besides, they are proud to have such a vibrant and talented filmmaking community, and they can’t wait to see what you create next! The 22 emerging filmmakers will go on to the next phase of the competition, where they will receive the Galaxy S22 Ultra to bring their stories to life.

    The final production will then be in the running to win an award in July at the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) opening ceremony; but for now, they are delighted to name their 22 shortlisted aspiring filmmakers!

    Once again, they would like to congratulate their Top 22 finalists as well as all of you for your enthusiastic participation and story submissions in the Born of the Galaxy Stars Nightography short film competition. They hope you continue to showcase your creative ideas, and talent and enhance your potential in professional filmmaking – anyone can be a filmmaker!

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