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    Finally, there is an update on ‘Left Alive’.


    After so long, we finally have an update for this game, albeit a short one. ‘Left Alive’ was announced back in 2017 at the Tokyo Game Show, however, for a long time since then, there was no news nor update on the game development. Kinda made me wonder ” is the game still alive?”. But like I said, finally there is an update, so here it is.

    • Left Alive is not an ordinary 3rd person shooter game, robot battles will be involved too.
    • Choose whether to fight enemy soldiers face to face, or take another approach on the ground.
    • Ground battles will be tactical, with limited resources, players have to use traps, improvised weapons, and craft to fight enemies.
    • Choices are crucial in this game, as the result will change the outcome of the game like when you rescue trapped civilians.
    • Each civilian has their own motive and backstory, convince them to follow you, but you can also choose either to abandon them or ignore them entirely.

    Sadly, Left Alive still don’t have a release date announced yet, let’s hope the game remains “alive” until it launches.

    Tokyo Game Show 2017 – Announcement Trailer

    Seek "quality" and "perfection" when gaming, no matter what class/heroes he use, will master it and always and always will be in front line of battle which lead to 2 outcome: alive (showing off how great he is), dead (noob that why, laugh by team mates) every heroes/item/weapons he use eventually become memes or nerf by developers. (mercy, hanzo) happy go lucky and freedom is all he seek.

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