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    Final Fantasy VII Remake New Screenshots and Part 2 in the works.

    Square Enix recently released an introduction of the Final Fantasy VII Remake development team at their official website. The piece has great insights on the history of the developers and what their sentiments were while creating Final Fantasy VII Remake. One sentence from Tetsuya Nomura who is the game’s director and concept design caught our attention,

    “We’ve already begun working on the next one as well, but I’m confident that playing through this title will expand your expectations just like the world that extends beyond Midgar.”

    Well, there you have it. It is official that Part 2 is now in the works.

    On top of that, they also released new screenshots which shows off the weapon’s menu, the unique ability for Cloud, Minigames and Chocobo. Here are the screenshots with some description on what they are about.

    Each weapon has its own unique weapon abilities that increase in proficiency the more they are used. When an ability’s proficiency level reaches the maximum, that ability is then learned by the wielder and can be used when wielding any weapon.
    Here we see Cloud’s Buster Sword upgrade screen. The different options allow you to improve the wielder’s status or increase the number of Materia slots available.
    Classic Mode can be activated by selecting “CLASSIC” from the difficulty menu. In Classic Mode, party members will act automatically, with the ATB gauge filling up as they do so. In this mode, the player only needs to select which abilities, magic, and items they will use their ATB charges for. This brings the feel of the gameplay closer to the menu-based battles from the original FFVII but with the amazing immersive graphics of the remake. It is also possible to revert to direct control at any time during Classic Mode by pushing buttons on the controller.
    Strong attacks in Punisher Mode
    The triangle button activates each character’s unique ability. Cloud’s unique ability is to switch between different fighting styles. He can switch between “Operator Mode” which has a good balance between attack and defence, and “Punisher Mode” [pictured] which is geared heavily towards offence. In Punisher Mode, Cloud’s movement speed is reduced, but his basic square button attacks are upgraded to even mightier blows.
    While equipping Summon Materia, you will be able to summon a powerful ally once the special summon gauge fills up. Summons will fight alongside you automatically on the battlefield, but you can also use your own ATB charges to have them perform special abilities. Just before they leave the fight, your ally will unleash a powerful special move!
    Chocobo & Moogle use their special move “Stampede” to run down the enemy with a herd of chocobos.
    Assess – Materia that allows you to use the Assess ability. When you use Assess on an enemy, you can see their resistances and weaknesses, making it easier to defeat them in battle.

    You can play darts at the dartboard in Seventh Heaven.
    Exciting bike battles where Cloud must escape from Shinraoperatives with Jessie riding pillion.
    It’s a cute little house, with water cascading down from a nearby cliff…not the kind of beautiful sight you expect to find in the slums.
    A house in the furthest corners of the Sector 5 Slums. Aerithlives here with her mother Elmyra. The garden is full of different coloured flowers, which Aerithpersonally delivers to the citizens of Midgar.
    An old church just a stone’s throw from the Sector 5 Slums. The building is falling apart and a Shinrarocket is lodged in the walls after a failed launch. There aren’t many places in which flowers grow in these slums, so Aerithfinds the time to take care of them whenever possible.
    Fire Materia that allows you to use the elemental magic of Fire. It evolves from Fire, to Firaand then Firaga.

    Blade Burst A ranged attack that releases magical sword pressure.

    An anti-Shinragroup working to protect the Planet.
    Avalanche insist that Mako is the spiritual energy of the planet itself and decry Shinrafor sucking up their world’s life essence.
    The organisation currently has multiple cells active, with Barret’s group in charge of operations in Midgaritself.
    They are highly proactive and willing to undertake direct action againt Shinra.

    The ShinraCompany General Affairs section’s investigation unit.
    A small but elite unit dedicated to carrying out special missions for the company, such as scouting out potential SOLDIER recruits, close protection for VIPs and all forms of espionage and assassination.
    The Turks clandestine activities ensure Shinra’sprosperity from the shadows.

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    is set to release on 3 March 2020 on the PlayStation 4.

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