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    Far Cry 5 – A Modern Day Western Doomsday Bible-Thumping Cult galore


    A landscape of livestock, farmland, lush green mountainous outback and redneck white residents of Montana paints the setting for Far Cry 5, Ubisoft’s much anticipated entry in the series. In the developer presentation video, executive producer Dan Hay discusses how Far Cry 5 have created the idea of ​​an apocalyptic cult in the rural West of the United States. He said the studio had always wanted to use an American stage in the Far Cry series and it looks like we are getting one indeed.

    The idea of ​​taking players to a familiar place, a place that could be in someone’s backyard, seemed as exotic to the team as any other scenario described in previous Far Cry titles. According to Hay, when the team went to Montana they met with a number of people who “did not want to be cluttered, wanted to be left alone.””It created a sense of this border and a distance that really resonated with us,” he said.

    “What was great about something of the language we were listening to was something like – maybe you do not trust the government and we can do it ourselves.”

    Hay said that the team met with “some really interesting people” while while exploring, he imagined “could really take good care of themselves. “Using this background, the team pondered what might happen when these attitudes and opinions were mixed with a charismatic individual. “What happens, when someone shows up and says’ I agree with you – do not trust the government. We can do it ourselves and I will do it,” Hay said. “Suddenly you create this Petri dish, a kind of magnet for madness, which is where the Gate of Eden goes.”

    This is where the brothers in the game come into play: Joseph, John and the Faith that collectively are called The Heralds. Each member of the family has its own personality and agenda – but so do the inhabitants of the city. Players will meet with Hope County residents who are more than just the AI ​​characters distributing missions. Each has a role to play in the resistance against Joseph and the Eden Gate cult, and there are more NPCs which the player will interact with.

    As the local deputy charged with arresting Joseph, players will meet with various NPCs, who may not immediately trust them, but if they can form a deal with them, they will join the resistance along with the player. Now, the player has rental weapons that comes along throughout the race. You can see the complete development journal, review the trailer here and read John’s impression of what he saw during the Ubisoft presentation.


    Far Cry 5 also features aerial dogfights with planes. Hunting and gathering resources will return, but the biggest surprise is that the map editor will also be included. Details about the editor are slim at the moment, but the news will sure put a smile to Far Cry fans. For the first time, players also get to choose either to play as a male or female protagonist and also hinted on a new character creator which is indeed a refreshing news to the franchise.

    The much anticipated Far Cry 5 will be released on February 27, 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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