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    Explore The Might Of The Karakuri In WILD HEARTS Latest Trailer

    EA and Koei Tecmo revealed more details in their first Monogatari (Narrative) Episode for their upcoming Triple-A game WILD HEARTS.

    The video showcases how Karakuri give players a creative, dynamic edge during combat – as they learn new forms and combinations, players can better prepare their hunting grounds and create advantageous conditions for their fight against giant Kemono beasts.

    With the persistent nature of Karakuri, players who fall in battle or receive aid from allies can continue to use their past hunting experience to set new traps and ways to travel with greater efficiency and strategy. Crafting changes the way players think about their hunt – they’ll need to learn how to adapt to new complexity as they unlock different Karakuri combinations and team up with allies to create even stronger Karakuri systems.

    WILD HEARTS is set for release on 18 February 2023 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via EA App, Steam and Epic Game Store.

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