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    Experts at Samsung explain how they optimize QLED TV’s for next-level gaming

    As Auto Game Mode was introduced to Samsung TV’s back in 2018, delivering next-level gaming experiences has been the key priority for TV development. Today, the fruits of the company’s considerable efforts include three consecutive ‘Best of Innovation’ nods in the gaming category of CES’s annual Innovation Awards.

    Their QLED TV line up build on that award-winning heritage by offering users their most immersive and enjoyable TV gaming experiences yet. Samsung sat down with the product planners and dev’s who helped bring this idea to life.

    More Immersion, Less distractions

    To achieve such a level of immersiveness in gaming, the team explains one of the most important make or break factors for this – input lag, the amount of time taken for a command sent from a gaming console’s controller to register on screen. The shorter the input lag, the more immersive the experience.

    “Input lag is determined by how quickly image signal can be processed and displayed on the screen, “by enhancing the way the TV processes image signal, which consequently reduces video processing time.”

    Jessica BeomEun Kim – Product Planner

    On QLED TV’s, even racing games that are known for their graphic-heavy imagery, run smoothly with screen freezes and delays. As developer Youngho Jung explained, FreeSync™ Premium, a technology that eliminates screen tearing and stuttering enabled this ability to seamlessly manage graphics-heavy games. Also, Game Motion Plus, which minimizes motion blur and halo effects while creating a smooth gameplay.

    Spotting enemies and objects in the dark is easy with QLED TV’s built-in Dynamic Black Equalizer. This innovative technology utilizes the TV’s AI Quantum Processor to enhance image quality in real-time by analyzing a game’s dark scenes and detecting objects within them. It then optimizes black levels to help you see things that weren’t so clear before.


    Gaming-Specific Features

    A number of features are also built into QLED TV’s to make it easier for gamers to immerse themselves in the action.

    Take for instance MultiView, a screen-splitting function that allows users to simultaneously game on one side of their screen and mirror videos from their phone on the other. Play your game on one side, and watch your favourite streamer by mirroring your phone on the other so you don’t miss the action! The function can even detect when your phone has switched to landscape mode, and reflects this adjustment in real-time.

    Auto Game Mode is another clever built-in function that enables QLED TVs to automatically analyze connected devices and optimize settings accordingly. All you have to do is simply connect your console to your TV, and a “game mode is turned on” message will automatically pop up on your screen.

    As immersive visuals need to be, the best sound also needs to be taken into account for the best possible experience. To allow users to enjoy the most realistic sound experience possible, Samsung packed its newest QLED TVs with a total of six speakers – two more than previous models. Built-in Object Tracking Sound (OTS) technology enhances gamers’ immersion by allowing them to sense where sounds are coming from and how far away they are.


    QLED TV + Gaming: A Winning Combination

    The TV has definitely evolved from once being a simple display. It has since become the center of home entertainment and a hub for users to engage in a wide range of fun and interactive experiences. As Software engineer Sungchang Jang, explained, the team went to great lengths to ensure that Samsung’s 2020 QLED TVs would offer gamers the most entertaining experiences imaginable.

    “It was crucial that our 2020 QLED TVs would be able to work perfectly with any gaming devices that consumers might use. This required us to develop entirely new technology. We had to test each and every gaming device we could find individually in order to ensure that they worked well with the TV. There was a lot of trial and error, but in the end, thanks to our team’s tremendous efforts, we managed to pull it off.”

    Sungchang Jang, Software Engineer

    Looking ahead, the team members believe that TVs will continue to serve as the center of home entertainment, and will be recognized as bona fide gaming devices. “Going forward,” added the product planner Hyun Mook Choi, “we’ll continue to enhance our TVs’ gaming features, to offer gamers the most complete and satisfying gaming experience possible.

    To find out more regarding Samsung’s QLED TV’s, visit their website here.


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