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    Expanding a War in your frame

    The new ship battle!!

    The new Open World!!


    Ninjas unite! a new expansion to the Warframe Franchise, name “Fortuna” has been announced in Tennocon event 2018 with other new exciting reveals.
    Fortuna is a 2nd open world expansion based in Venus, with American railroads themes, icy terrains, icy fauna, miners aka half robot people working on the rails (They can sing). The following is the number of announcements with this new expansion:

    • Warframe will be soon be playable in Nintendo Switch as well
    • New optional (microtransactions deluxe skins)
    • New reveals of 2 new Warframe to the franchise, Vlad (Vampire) and Garuda is currently in the works
    • Customizable robotic pets called moa
    • Customizable kit gun aka Secondary weapons such as grip, loader, and chamber as your own
    • Tools for animal tracking,mimic animal sounds and hunting
    • Unlike previous open world involve fishing, there will be an additional track animal footprint and tranquilize the target for conservation* purposes.
    • Mobile bounty givers will be located in the open world, so you don’t need to go back to the hub after a mission
    • Hoverboards, or air skateboards (Hell yeah!) is another means to move around the terrain fast
    • New enemies big and small spiders like creatures will roam the land
    • New ship will be available called the railjack, which offers a new co-op dynamic gameplay involving a mini raid in space where one rides the ship, the other 3 of your friends clear the hull of enemies, infiltrate enemies ships and fights in space via turrets ( like Star Trek)
    • A teaser of a continuation story (which is currently doing well) called The New War

    For those who does not understand what Warframe is and how to get started, kindly refer to my previous review of it in this link:
    Yes, its a free to play game.

    Here’s a full video of the reveal (32 minutes)


    Hope you all enjoyed it, I do. Bunnies out!

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