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    Exiledge Showscases Gameplay In Chinajoy PV

    Enigmatrix shares more gameplay of Exiledge in the ChinaJoy 2023 gameplay trailer at the PlayStation booth, featuring the high-speed third-person shooting game.

    Details as shared on Youtube:

    This game is created by Unreal Engine, integrating shooting elements and action elements into a new form of combat gameplay. It shows a fictional fantasy from the perspective and cultural context of Chinese developers, with a unique worldview and narrative style. The worldview is set on a planet covered only by the ocean and constructs. The player acts as a young “tower diver” with a mysterious past. Deal with enemies in the huge and mysterious constructs, and start a thrilling adventure. The project will bring global players a unique immersive experience with multiple shocking theme wonders and a refreshing operation feel.

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