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    Everything announced at tinyBuild Connect

    Publisher and developer tinyBuild has concluded a livestream show tinyBuild Connect and here are all the announcements.

    The Bookwalker

    Jump between a first-person real world and isometric book world. You’re a Bookwalker — a thief with an ability to dive into books.

    Information as shared on Steam:

    You’re a Bookwalker — a thief with an ability to dive into books. You are forced to use your powers to track and steal famous items like Thor’s Hammer and the Excalibur for clients, to regain your ability to write again.

    • Every quest will lead you to a unique world with its own story and rules.
    • Visit mysterious castle dungeons, a drifting spaceship, a desert city among deadly sandstorms. You never know what the next world will be like.
    • Jump between the real world and the world of a book to solve the mysteries set before you. Some solutions might only come to you while you are in the waking world.

    Dive into vastly different worlds

    As a bookwalker, you possess the unique ability to dive into worlds of books as if they were dreams. However, they are not as immaterial as mere fantasies. Bookwalkers can also bring valuable items from a book into the real world, and that is precisely what your job is

    Hunt for powerful artifacts

    Travel between worlds of books in search of legendary items of great power. Even though they are not as powerful in your world, you can still find buyers on the black market.

    Meet dozens of characters and learn their stories

    Visit mysterious castle dungeons, a drifting spaceship, a desert city among deadly sandstorms, and much more. Meet the inhabitants of those places and use them to reach your goal. After all, they are not really alive…or are they?

    Find solutions to a plethora of puzzles, some quite… unorthodox

    Some problems will make you think outside the box, and some will require you to travel outside of this world. If you are stuck, just wake up at your apartment. You may find something handy there that you can take with you on your journey. In a book, a crowbar may be just as effective against a lock as a key might be…


    Spiders with laser swords. What more could you ask for? Swing, stab and shoot with style. Team up with your friends or challenge them to death! Coming to PC and consoles.

    Information as shared on Steam:

    Spiders with laser swords! Duel to the death against your friends or choose to team up and hold back swarms of savage enemies. Swing, stab and shoot with style, effortlessly performing movie-worthy parkour.

    SpiderHeck is a fast-paced couch co-op brawler where spiders dance to the death in the grip of chaotic battles using laser swords, grenades and even rocket launchers to defeat their foes.

    Challenge yourself by fighting wave after wave of vicious enemies in endless hours of single-player fun, or let the mayhem begin in a dazzling fight against your friends taking on the enemies in PvE; stab, sling, and scramble your way to victory in this silly spider showdown.


    • Single or Multiplayer PvE – Take on the enemies in single-player or local multiplayer chaos for up to 4 players.
    • Local Multiplayer PvP – Duel to the death against your friends to see who will become champion of the SpiderHeck arena.
    • Easy to Pick Up – Simple, intuitive controls that will have you swinging around like the spider swordmaster you are destined to be in no time.
    • Hilarious physics-based combat – Watch in delight as your friends pull off the ultimate parkour feat, before catapulting themselves face-first into the lava.
    • Incredible acrobatics – spiders react dynamically to the carnage, resulting in a range of badass and hilariously clumsy moments.
    • Choose your Weapon – A wide range of weapons to destroy your enemies with.
    • Level Up – Utilise perks to upgrade your gameplay.


    Hello Neighbor 2 – New Gameplay

    Check out this in-depth demo on different playstyles in the highly anticipated stealth horror about breaking into your neighbor’s house.

    Information as shared on Steam:

    Hello Neighbor 2 is a stealth horror game about digging up your creepy neighbor’s secrets. But there’s a twist: the Neighbor is controlled by an AI that learns from the players! As time passes, his behavior will change and surprise you! Can you outsmart the Neighbor and find out what he’s hiding?

    Think you can you trust your neighbors? Think again.

    Hello Neighbor 2 is a stealth horror game about uncovering your creepy neighbor’s secrets. You are a journalist looking to solve the Neighbor’s case, since no one else dares to. Play against a complex opponent controlled by an advanced AI that learns from you and all the other players! As time passes and the Neighbor adapts to the players’ patterns, his own behavior will change and surprise you. Will you be the one to outsmart the Neighbor and find out what he’s hiding?

    • The game feels like an investigative journalist simulator – sneak around and find out your neighbors’ secrets. Why does this moustached gentleman go down to the amusement park every night?
    • You have an entire town as your playground, with plenty of houses and AI-driven residents to interact with.
    • Can you outsmart the AIs? Every character in Hello Neighbor 2 is powered by a neural network AI and learns from the players, doing everything in their power to protect their gated community and its secrets.
    • Uncover the big mystery hidden in Raven Brooks!

    Tinykin – New Gameplay

    Get a detailed look on how different mechanics work in this adorable puzzle platformer by a French developer SplashTeam. Coming to PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2022.

    Information as shared on Steam:

    Catch hundreds of tinykin and use their unique powers to bring Milo back to his home planet- and back to normal size!

    Milo arrives on Earth to find that he’s way too small, everybody’s gone and a day hasn’t passed since 1991!
    Catch hundreds of mysterious tinykin and use their unique powers to create ladders, bridges, explosions and a lot more!

    • Explore cities of ants, beetles and other insects built inside of a giant house
    • Meet characters everywhere you go and learn their stories and history
    • Catch over a hundred tinykin in each city, and use their special abilities to climb higher, break down doors and solve the city’s problems!
    • Skateboard around on Milo’s tiny soap-board! Jump, grind and hover around the house
    • Collect upgrades to improve Milo’s bubble-pack, build out the Ardwin Museum and complete Ridmi’s mysterious machine!”

    Find a way home through a sprawling ant-sized metropolis, and unravel Earth’s biggest mystery!

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