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    Dark Fantasy Action RPG “VOIN” Swings Away With New Demo

    Play as VOIN, an elemental servant created by a powerful mage, tasked with ridding the world of a mysterious plague consuming all life from the realm.


    The new demo includes never-before-seen features, such as game-changing weather effects, overhauled healing mechanics, a redesigned tutorial with the new onboarding, a new dungeon where players can master abilities and movements, the first look at the cutscenes, and more.

    Engage in strategic combat and adapt to enemies’ power tiers. Complete missions to unlock Boss Arenas and face bone-chilling monstrosities.

    Collect valuable and powerful loot that you can cleanse in the molten deeps of the Hub area to inflict even more damage to your enemies.

    VOIN, the hack-and-slash, action RPG set in a dark fantasy open world from solo developer Nikita Sozidar and publisher tinyBuild, unleashes magical carnage in a new demo.

    Play the new demo now!

    About the game

    Soar over decaying grasslands and ghoul-infested castle tops to unleash fury from the skies. Explore this grim, twisted world in search of secret areas, weapons, and equipment to aid VOIN’s dangerous quest.

    Rid the land of demons with Two-Handed Greatswords, weaving in destructive elemental abilities to deal finishing blows.

    VOIN arrives on Windows PC via Steam later this year.

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