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    Entering Kickstarter, Murus Presents A Fantasy Platformer Without Platforms

    Soulcube‘s platforming title Murus enters Kickstarter as a 2D adventure precision platformer fused with Metroidvania and RPG elements.

    Source: Soulcube

    Details as shared on Kickstarter:

    With no platforms to safely tread feet on, you must jump, swing, and glide through the huge variety of floating walls known as the Murus. Throughout this journey, you will encounter a diverse combination of surfaces, potions, magic orbs, and other fantastical items that make traversing the fractured skies an everchanging experience.


    Murus‘s campaign plunges you into the bustling open world of Terraloft, tasked with discovering the secrets that these fractured skies hold.

    On this quest, you will be seeking out scrolls to uncharted Mana Murways – self-contained stages that flip the gameplay from open-ended exploration to isolated platforming challenges. The faster you are able to complete these Murways, the more mana can be syphoned to aid your cause – opening up new Overworld pathways and improving your own spellcasting abilities.

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