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    Enter a 2D surreal speedrun platformer with Afterthought

    Indie developer Studio Moondowner introduces Afterthought, a 2D fluid jumping platformer sets in a surreal and beautiful worlds. Learn to finish the levels with ease, while experimenting with different playstyles as Afterthought is set to be released on November 30th, 2021 on PC.

    Source: Studio Moondowner

    Short game details as shared on Steam:

    Afterthought is a 2D speedrun platformer, that offers to you:

    – Refined and complex movement system that offers near-infinite solutions
    – 40 playable levels, with low skill floors but extremely high skill ceilings
    – 8 crazy boss fights
    – Online leaderboards for all kinds of playstyles
    – A serene and at times wild and uncompromising original soundtrack
    – The ability to design your own levels with our intuitive level creator

    Test the free demo, that contains:

    – All the basic tutorials
    – 3 playable levels, with varying difficulty and complexity

    Find the fastest way to make it through the game!

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