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    Dungeon crawler The Caretaker comes to Steam!

    Squid Monkey Studios announced that their dungeon crawler survival game, The Caretaker will launch on April 30th. Set in the modern-day, players must survive the aftermath of a sabotaged Research Power Facility horribly mutating the inhabitants of a small city! Trailer below:

    Survive this nightmarish aftermath by exploring Red Chapel Town. Search your way through its streets and buildings for anything you can use to keep you alive and to keep you moving. Fight your way through hideous creatures hellbent on making you their next meal all while uncovering what the hell happened.

    Search city streets, alleyways, yards, buildings, and sewers to find various needed items and answers. Make your way through Red Chapel by deciphering puzzles and using hidden key items. Blast through hideous and unnatural creations through a mix of gunplay and quick thinking!

    “I’ve always loved the Survival Horror Genre, but most games are in third or first person. I wanted to experience the same thrill from a new point of view. I played with the idea of blending it with a top-down style of gameplay and found that the blend was received rather well. The narrative was inspired from exaggerating on my own personal experiences. I really wanted to tell a story that showed the cause and affect of someone’s arrogance and ambition.”

    Nik Kemski – Squid Monkey Studios

    Check out the game on Steam to add the game to your collection!

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