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    Roguelite shooter enters Early Access, Survive The Rift now on Steam

    Monster Helix Games has announced that Survive the Rift is officially available on Steam Early Access. Players are now able to get involved as the game develops by giving out their comments on what needs improving and what not. Check out the trailer of the game below:

    Survive the Rift is a side-scrolling, Rogue-Lite, Shoot ‘Em Up with procedurally generated levels, unlockable ships, mods, upgrades and loot making each run unique and often unpredictable.

    The game was inspired by 16-bit era scrolling shooters but integrates modern rogue-lite features and game mechanics.

    Here are some of the features available during early access:

    Seven ships are available at launch, each ship offers a different starting weapon and stats

    • Over 70 items including ships, modules, pods, and weapons currently available in the Early Access build

    • Three fully playable sectors with multiple stages

    • The player can choose their own path, opting for a potentially easier route, or choosing a more difficult path

    • Levels are procedurally generated offering a significant level of replayability

    During the early access period, the developers will be providing regular updates and working with the community to improve all aspects of the game.

    For those interested, you can check out the game’s Steam page for more information.

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