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    Destiny 2: Introducing The Black Armory

    Developer Bungie has not forsaken (hint hint) it’s fans just yet. As part of the Destiny 2: Forsaken Annual Pass, the latest expansion called The Black Armory, with a new AI vendor Ada-1 providing one new exotic quest and multitude of weapons which looks practically amazing. Here’s a quick look:


    Here’s the following list of weapons available:

    1. Sniper Rifle Izanagi’s Burden which uses a full clip for multiplied damage, instantly kill with a body shot
    2. A scout rifle No Feelings, fast 1- 2 shot enemies at ease
    3. Bow called Le Monarque which offers any precision kills will spew out poisonous cloud like an RPG game, killing anything nearby it
    4. Machine Gun Hammerhead
    5. Fusion Rifle JoTunn with explosive shots that ignites the ground with flames
    6. Hand Cannon Kindled Orchid which looks to be a high caliber and better handling gun
    7. Shotgun Threat Level, shoots volley of fast spread shotgun goodness
    8. Grenade Launcher Anarchy that shoots mines that form links to the ground, creating an arc surge field; damaging anyone on it
    9. Lastly, on the last word, a returning hand cannon weapon called The Draw which comes with the exotic quest, functionality unknown

    The expansion has been released, effective on December 4, 2018, until March 4, 2019.

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