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    Destiny 2: New special gears and weapons for Forsaken

    The recent release of the Forsaken trailer seems to shed some positive lights into the coming Destiny 2 expansion.
    New gears were showed and how they bend more rules (overpowered-ness) than the previously nerf infested Destiny days. So, the question is, have they (Bungie) really forsaken the set of rules they so determined to preserve since Destiny 1 was launched? We shall see.

    Theme is “The hunt is on”, the trailer showcase our fellow guardians with these specific actions and gears:


    • Warlock Armor, Chromatic Fire- elemental explosion from precision kinetic kills (looks to be void for now)
    • Titan armor boots, Antaeus Wards- slides to reflect back any projectiles ( such as rockets) That’s really.. cool drool
    • Hunter boots- The Sixth Coyote– allows double dodge, which is really a game changer because practically you cant stop a shot gunner or swordsman coming after you!


    • Weapon bow, Trinity Ghoul- Precision kills creates a chain storm and lightning in mass
    • Weapon hand cannon, Malfeasance- 5 hits to cause an explosion (quite big radius)
    • Weapon Sword, Black Talon- a sword that can shoot projectile like Bleach Ichigo!
    • Weapon Beam gun, One Thousand voices– explosive beams, spray it on the floor, BOOM! shakalaka
    • Weapon, Two-Tailed Fox– a rocket launcher that shoots 2 rockets in one go
    • Weapon bow, Wish-Ender– Allows see through walls (Red outlines of enemies like Widow in Overwatch) upon aim and the arrows can pierce through ( killing a second target upon succession)

    Fun fact: Bungie aka Developer, did not made any nerfs at all, only buffs to this day.
    Example, you will feel big buff in Sunshot(Handcannon) explosion and chain reactions now in comparison to before.

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