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    Death Gambit- Death is approaching.. to PS4


    Brought to you by White Rabbit, Death Gambit is a challenging 2D platformer with deep RPG elements. Drawing elements from Metroidvania (all 2D recipe), Dark Souls; including RPG elements such as skill trees, sub classes, leveling up, item stats, and unlocking special abilities.

    Come at me, for I am Deaths right hand


    Before becoming an agent of death, our main character Sorun was born and drafted by his father into the Great Expedition. Growing up, his mother taught him the ideals of living a life worth remembering before she departed.

    Following his parents footsteps, and before facing death. Sorun sought out immortality which he thought will give him means to honor his mother’s memory and making a name for himself in the process. However, Immortality does not come without a cost…

    After completing the first level which is a tutorial, the world will open up, offering a non-linear experience gameplay. This world does not have teleportation between save points and fast travel. The world (Siradon) is interconnected but not to worry, you will have a horse by your side.


    Here are some features in the game:

    • Bosses rematch ( bosses rooms will be re spawn in harder difficulty)
    • New game +
    • 7 sub classes from soldier, assassin, wizards all the way to blood knight or Acolyte of Death
    • No weapons restrictions- your character can equip 10 weapon types from scythes, longswords, halberds to bow, harness all 30 abiities and spells to make it your own build.
    • Weapon skills- each weapon has 3 skills from applying status effects or pure damage; experimenting with your sub classes, play style and weapon skills is strongly encouraged.


    The game will be smashing your screen soon on August 14,2018 on the PlayStation 4 and PC

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