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    Dead Or Alive 6 release date finally unveiled

    KOEI TECMO America & Sony Japan has simultaneously announced that DEAD OR ALIVE 6 will be launching worldwide on February 15, 2019. A new trailer was also released alongside the release date announcement.



    Team NINJA‘s much-awaited iconic fighting game series features many familiar casts from previous series returning to duke it out once more. The trailer featured a Story Mode as well as showcasing its signature high-speed and acrobatic fighting mechanics which the series is well known for (apart from the obvious visual eye-candy *wink*). The stages were also briefly shown with many forms of stage destruction including getting grabbed by a slimy octopus tentacle or getting chomped by a T-Rex.


    Team NINJA also revealed the pre-order bonuses for the digital version. PlayStation 4 owners will obtain a unique DOA6 theme as well as obtaining “The Female Tengu” Nyotengu as a playable character. Meanwhile, Xbox One owners will get a bonus costume for Ryu Hayabasu on top of the Nyotengu.


    Furthermore, a special Early Purchase Bonus program for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners were also announced, as gamers who digitally purchase DOA6 by March 14, 2019, will receive a bonus costume for one of the game’s most popular characters, Kasumi. On Steam side, fans who enter the Early Purchase Bonus program will collect the Kasumi costume as well as Nyotengu as a downloadable character.


    In addition, a Digital Deluxe edition of the game was also announced for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam which will include a set of 25 extra costumes, three bonus musical tracks, a DDX exclusive Kasumi costume, and an exceptional character added to the lineup, the formidable Kasumi clone, Phase 4.



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