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    Dark fantasy metroidvania – ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights Enters Steam Early Access alongside consoles announcement

    ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights, the dark fantasy Metroidvania fairy tale from publisher Binary Haze Interactive, embarks on its Steam Early Access journey for Windows PC. Explorers can now traverse the first three of at least eight areas in the final game.

    Developers Live Wire, Adglobe Tokyo, and Adglobe Montreal Studio will launch ENDER LILIES on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility with the native PlayStation 4 app, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch in Q2 2021 alongside the Steam 1.0 launch. An Xbox One version is also tentatively planned.

    After waking up alone in a church with no memory of recent events, priestess Lily finds the surrounding hamlet and woods occupied only by the undead. A cursed rain falls upon the Ruined Kingdom, and only Lily can purify the corruption and free its denizens from the blight. Guide the priestess through areas beautifully illustrated in a Japanese dark fantasy aesthetic in search of the source of trouble.

    Defeat challenging bosses, then exorcise them to receive visions showing glimpses of the past and recruit the fallen champions as equippable companions. Mix and match their souls to create a ghostly bodyguard squad perfect for every situation, from directed ranged and melee attacks or autonomous assaults on any foes unfortunate enough to come within reach.

    Mili, musical veteran of anime shows such as Ghost in the Shell and Goblin Slayer as well as rhythm games with millions of fans like Cytus and Deemo, contributes haunting melodies to ENDER LILIES. Sound effects by former Sega producer Keiichi Sugiyama, whose past work includes franchises like Rez and Skies of Arcadia, complete the poignant audio for the title.

    “Mili and Sugiyama-san have been amazing partners for ENDER LILIES. Their work, combined with our artists’ gorgeous vision, creates an immersive dark fantasy atmosphere – Action RPG fans will find a lot to love, not only in the beauty of the Ruined Kingdom, but also in the tight and fast-paced gameplay.”

    Hiroyuki Kobayashi – CEO, Binary Haze Interactive

    The pricing of ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights on Steam is at $19.99 USD / 19,99€ Euros / £15.49 GBP / ¥70.00 CNY. Enjoy the story in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish (Spain), Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), or Russian.

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