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    CRPG ‘Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains’ Coming To Switch On Dec 8

    The Chinese RPG, “Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains,” is set for a December 8, 2023 release on the Nintendo Switch eShop in North America and Europe, as well as the Windows Store globally. The game will offer language support for English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

    Developed by Softstar Entertainment Inc., “Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains” fuses elements from both Eastern and Western mythologies and historical narratives within its traditional RPG framework, featuring turn-based combat and intricate 2D sprites.

    The storyline follows the Frankish knight, Septem, as he assembles a diverse team from various regions to confront a shared adversary. A unique gameplay element is the Spirit Fusion Pot, which allows players to capture and merge enemies into new items or beings to assist in their international expedition.

    Key Features:

    • Experience traditional RPG mechanics with hand-painted 2D sprites!
    • Take the role of a heroic knight and lead a diverse party of characters.
    • Engage in turn-based combat and execute beautifully animated skills!
    • Capture and fuse enemies into new items and monsters.
    • Inspired by both the power of Eastern and Western mythologies!

    The digital version of the game is priced at US$14.99/€14.99, with a limited-time 10% launch discount.



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