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    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled post-Grand Prix new content announced

    Publisher Activision and developer Beenox has released new content for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, including the Bonus “Beenox Pack” of content that will automatically unlock for players.

    Here are the details from the Activision Blog.

    A Bonus ‘Beenox Pack’
    We want to say a big “thank you” to the fans of the game, so we’re giving every player some great bonus content—time to make a bee-line to the Beenox Pack! All players should have to do is download the update live now and they will unlock:
    – Geary, the robotic clean freak (if you haven’t already unlocked)
    – Crunch, part cyborg, part Bandicoot (if not already unlocked)
    – Beenox-themed skins for Crash, Cortex and Crunch. And, due to popular demand, the first ever Legendary skin for Geary!
    – A Beenox-themed kart
    – A Beenox-themed paintjob
    – A Beenox-themed sticker
    – A set of Beenox-themed wheels
    Grand Prix, Ghosts, and Golden Wumpas: The Challenges continue!
    Ready to keep beating those challenges? Even though the Grand Prix seasons are over, there are still plenty of ways to test your skills and get rewards:
    -Wumpa Challenges: Get ready for Grand Prix-style challenges with the Wumpa Challenge system. Daily, weekly, and monthly rotating challenges will test your skills in unique ways and provide Wumpa Coins as a reward!
    – Ghost Hunt: With Wumpa Challenges, the ‘Ghost Hunt’ challenge type returns, specifically for the Nina’s Nightmare track. Smash open a mischievous ghost from its crate, catch up to the ghost to capture it and complete Wumpa challenges. The more of these crates you break, the more ghosts will be flying around and the more challenges you can complete!
    – Golden Wumpa Hunt: The Golden Wumpa Hunt will remain. Ready up on any course, then take off and try to catch the Golden Wumpa Fruit. The fruit will be hiding in glowing crates. Follow the glow and smash through the crates to collect the Golden Wumpa Fruit. You’ll be rewarded with a stash of Wumpa Coins for your efforts!
    Time Trials
    – Beating Beenox: Are you ready to beat the times of Beenox’s very best? New ghost times have been added to the Time Trial mode, representing the fastest times from Beenox’s development team. Players will literally be able to race to see if they can beat these Beenox times! Beat them all and get a super special set of Legendary Wheels to show off your ultimate CTR skills!
    – Obtaining the Champion Kart: Now that the Grand Prix is over, you might be wondering how to unlock the epic Champion Kart if you didn’t already. Is it gone forever? Not if you’re ready to take on the Oxide and Velo Time Trials!
    – Oxide’s and Velo’s Time Trials: Do you have what it takes to beat all of Oxide’s Time Trials? If you beat all of Oxide’s times, expect to obtain the Champion Kart, along with a special new Signature Decal. Not only that, but if you complete all of Velo’s times, you unlock another special new Signature Decal for the Champion Kart!
    Have you beaten Oxide and Velo’s Time Trials already? Nice work! Then all of the Oxide and Velo Time Trial content should automatically unlock for you.
    New Pit Stop Content

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
    Be sure to check out the following new content appearing in the Pit Stop:
    – Three new characters including the Lab Assistant, Baby Cortex and Baby N. Tropy!
    – Two new karts, both of which are customizable; the Neon Hawk airplane kart and the Nitro GT kart.
    – An assortment of new Legendary Skins.
    – An assortment of new color variations for existing Legendary Skins.
    – An assortment of customization items for karts.
    Changes to the Pit Stop
    We’ve made some cool updates to the Pit Stop too:
    Items from each of the previous Grand Prix seasons are set to reappear in the Pit Stop, so keep checking back if you missed something the first time it was available! Also, now there will be a button prompt in the Pit Stop that will allow you to refresh the Pit Stop contents twice daily allowing you to get a look at even more items recirculating in a 24-hour period.
    A New and Improved Rilla Roo, Too!

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

    Due to popular demand, Beenox is giving all players who have unlocked Rilla Roo a new “Fixed” version of Rilla Roo; everyone’s favorite gorilla-kangaroo hybrid! However, you’ll still be able to keep the old version of Rilla Roo, so think of the new Rilla Roo as a bonus character. The “Fixed” Rilla Roo will also appear in the Pit Stop for players who haven’t unlocked him yet.
    Secret ‘Crate’ Character
    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
    Maybe the most epic character of all, Beenox is bringing the “Iron Checkpoint Crate” to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled like never before, as an actual playable character that can be unlocked if you find and break the Beenox crate in each track. We’re not joking ….
    And there’s more:
    – Need a new activity as well as a coat of paint? Then try winning Cup Races on all three difficulties; there are new Paint Jobs when you do!
    – And finally, a new audio feature is now available; listen to the soundtrack for each track via the Options Menu when you’re not racing.
    – Online Leaderboards: One housekeeping note we wanted to provide is that we’re going to be re-setting the in-game Online Highscores with this week’s update. It turns out some bugs have caused some invalid times to rise to the top of the list. These bugs have been addressed, and now is as good a time as any to start with a clean slate!

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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