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    Collector’s Edition : Overwatch [Playstation 4]

    Here it is everyone! The highly anticipated Overwatch is finally launched. I am fortunate enough to receive very great help from our friends @ HeavyArm Game Store in securing a very very hard to come by Collector’s Edition unit ! I’ve invited my friends from the BunnyTeam clan over to my place as we unbox this baby. Do forgive the bad lighting effect, bear in mind I am no professional and this is simply just a fan made project for fellow gamers. Special thanks to @Kenn-ied for his help in handling the photographing, only his steady hands can still bring all these to make sense under that bad light.ow-ce-35

    ow-ce-2-custom ow-ce-10-custom
    ow-ce-9-custom ow-ce-16-custom
    The box from 3 views.

    When you slide off the black rock hard cover, this is underneath.
    ow-ce-15-custom ow-ce-14-custom ow-ce-13-custom

    Now when you open the box up a little…
    And yes, we made absolutely no effort at all to mask our attempt to promote HeavyArm’s name and contacts. Because this is a really really hard to get CE and they went through hell to get it for us. But hey, look at that exterior box art !

    ow-ce-18-customThe inside of the Box !

    And after we pry further inside… oh my gawd the treasure….the freaking treasure…

    Whats in this CE?

    – Postcards with images of the maps in Overwatch
    – Soundtrack CD with a very cool art printing of Lucio
    – A very beautifully designed steel case
    – A super beautiful and superb in quality Artbook (Not exaggerating!)
    – A figurine of Soldier 76
    – A sturdy and beautifully done box and exterior artwork.




    The ArtBook I mentioned! Its covered by an exterior piece of plastic cover and the inside of it is just amazing !

    and the overall

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