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    Collector’s Edition : Horizon Zero Dawn

    Ahhh here it is, one of the most anticipated game in 2017 finally launched. Horizon Zero Dawn, let the truth be told that as I am writing this, I’ve yet to play the game. Been busy trying to finish up NieR Automata, the game is fantastic by the way but lets talk about that next time in my soon to come NieR Automata review. For now I just want to share with you about this new Collector’s Edition I just bought.

    Here it is, the Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition. I must compliment on the box’s design , I find it nice to look at with the mysterious black background and what seemed like a pencil sketched art of Aloy on the cover. “Not a bad start” I thought to myself.

    Some more graphics at the back of the box, nothing much to say here.

    Opening up the black box reveals this !
    The Horizon Zero Dawn Steel Case and an Art Book below!

    I took out the white tray containing the steel case and art book and saw another box.

    Top View

    Turns out the box design was pretty interesting. Its actually one nice banner panned across all 4 sides of the box. Have a look below.

    So it starts here. As you can see the design are pretty well done and I find it very creative to do this.

    Turn it a little and you get this, a very nice scene I must say.

    And finally, the last scene.

    Overall the second box’s design surprised me. I never expected such creative touch on its design. The quality of the box itself is rather ordinary, its definitely beautiful to look at but unfortunately it will not withstand any pressure or weight. Any owner of this CE should really take care of the box. Avoid wiping it with anything wet, instead go for something dry like a normal cloth.

    Its easy to guess whats inside the blue box, we all know its the figurine. No surprises here.

    Figurine safely protected by this polyfoam box.

    Here she is, Aloy, wrapped in plastic and plastic.

    Aloy unwrapped and stood beside the white tray with steel case and art book.
    Aloy front view.

    I didn’t feel anything extraordinary in terms of the quality of the figurine but despite that, the level of detail is indeed impressive. The Figurine maker did not hold back in their effort to make the figurine look as alive as possible. But I still think the facial expression is rather dull.
    From another angle. I apologize if you find it a little too dimmed (the light) . I am new to photography and will definitely work hard to improve on my photo shooting and presentation skills.

    Different angle. This figurine is a joy to look at.

    How it looks from the back.

    Completing the rotation.

    Moving on to the Steel Case and Artbook
    Very nice steel case if you ask me. I knew I wanted this as soon as I first saw it in the promotional poster.

    Opened up

    Inside of it with the CD and the CE codes.

    The surface of the Steel Case.

    This is….. the Artbook…… I really dislike this type of Artbook. Too small and feels cheap. For a game with this level of hype and anticipation, they ought to come out with at least an A4 sized Artbook. They have much to brag about in terms of Art in their game but unfortunately those value wasn’t converted into their Artbook. Sony, can you please improve on this ? It was the same for UC4 Artbook. Such a waste !

    Inside of the Artbook.

    Some more pages.


    This Collector’s Edition cost RM 549 and comes with :-

    1 ) Steel Case with the Blu-Ray game disc and the CE Codes.
    2) Artbook
    3) Collector’s Box
    4) Statue of Aloy



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