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    Collector’s Edision : Hitman [Playstation 4]

    Whats up guys! So this time around I’ve managed to land myself a Collector’s Edition Unit of Hitman ! YES, I am a big fan so it didn’t matter when Square Enix decided to turn the franchise into an “Episodic” drama. Check it out !

    Okay first , the box is really huge. I mean like really really huge. The TV screen you see in this photo is a 32″ screen TV and look at size of the box ! The box material didn’t feel cheap either, kinda sturdy. +1


    I opened it up, and there is a box..within the box…

    And so I opened up the second box …Instantly like what I saw… +1

    After I pulled out the tray from the top, I found… another box… So there is a box in a box within a box.

    Opened up the third box and there he is…. greetings 47. Found 47, +1

    I now reveal one by one what the CE has. Nice Tie Clip, +1

    The front of the Tie is nothing unusual, its just like any other red tie. But turn it around and walaaa , there is something here to reminds you what this tie represents.

    Nice hard cover Art Book and some of the pages. +1



    And of course, our Agent 47 ! +99



    So thats it folks, the Hitman Collector’s Edition. You won’t see the game disc here as the game is a digital download, so they gave codes instead. Hope you enjoyed it! Give us a like on our Facebook page and share this with your friends if you enjoyed reading !

    Soon I will cover some more Collector’s Edition for Uncharted 4 and Dark Souls 3 ! Stay tuned to our Facebook !


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