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    The Clash of Clans Chinese New Year Video Released, With A Large Light Show To Commemorate The Year Of The Rabbit!

    Clash of Clans (COC) and Clash Royale (CR) are two of the world’s most popular games from Supercell, a famous Finnish game developer, both of which are based on the same Clash worldview and bring players a constant stream of exciting content.

    Every Spring Festival, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, both based on the Clash IP, bring players events, gift packs, limited content, and other New Year’s gifts.

    The Lunar Queen skin, which combines the battle stance of the Archer Queen and the cuteness of the rabbit, will be a hit with many players during the Chinese New Year. Along with the Lunar Queen, the 2023 Spring Festival-limited village scenery is also available. Attentive audience must have realized that the stage in the village scenery highly corresponds with the stage in the Clash of Clans Chinese New Year video. In addition to these two highlights, brand new Chinese New Year decorations, Magic Show statue and the obstacle “Rabbit Lantern,” are also online during the Spring Festival. The Clash of Clans’ “Year of the Rabbit” limited content will definitely make all the chiefs excited.

    Clash Royale, which is based on the same Clash IP as Clash of Clans, will also send Spring Festival-limited gifts to players. The brand new tower skin, like the village scenery, includes a rabbit and a theater curtain, displaying the same creativity as the Clash of Clans Chinese New Year video. The Barbarian’s lion dance in the video is inspired by the Battle Banner of Clash Royale, which has a lion dance element, and you can find the two scenes are exactly the same if you observe carefully. Moreover, the Rabbit Year-Limited emotes will also be released during the Spring Festival, which will make them popular among players who like to collect emotes.

    Both the Rabbit Year hero skin and village scenery from Clash of Clans and the limited tower skin from Clash Royale are Rabbit Year-limited surprises for Clash players during the Spring Festival. To know more about the Spring Festival-limited content information, log in to the game like the characters in the video and find your answer!


    In the opening scene of the Chinese New Year ad, the camera takes the viewer into a small theater that is carefully decorated from the first-person perspective of the main character. If you are a Clash gamer, you can definitely tell that this theater is inspired by the Spring Festival-limited scenery launched by Clash of Clans in the Rabbit Year and the limited tower skin of Clash Royale.

    As the show begins, the curtain is pulled back, and a small rabbit appears on the stage. The camera gradually advances towards it, and the video enters the animation part from the live-action scene of the theater. The Wizard’s pet rabbit, switching among different scenes, will begin its own show in the New Year of the Rabbit.

    With the music playing, the rabbit is active on the screen, and many classic Clash characters also appear one after another. The Archer, the Barbarian, and the Hog Riders seem to fight on the battlefield, launching “attacks” on the rabbit, but all are dodged by the rabbit with agile movement. And when it lands firmly and is ready to breathe a sigh of relief, it finds itself on the drum of P.E.K.K.A. The huge P.E.K.K.A. becomes a drummer, and the little rabbit is bounced off the drum as the drum sticks fall heavily.

    The next shot, the rabbit comes to a field covered with quincuncial piles, and it turns out that there is a lion dance performance to welcome the Chinese New Year. Two barbarians are topped with a glowing lion’s head, stepping back and forth deftly among the quincuncial piles like a lion. And when they are about to pick the green, they are knocked away by the sudden appearance of a martial arts monk with a slap.

    When the camera turns again, a large lantern slowly rises in the night sky, and the main character, the rabbit, also grabs a lantern and rises up in the wind. When it deftly leaps to the top of the lantern, the fireworks light up the night sky together with lanterns to celebrate the arrival of the new year. This shot is full of festive atmosphere.

    Finally, the rabbit leaps from the lantern and returns to the stage of the theater, meaning that a wonderful performance comes to an end. The high-level 3D animation effect that the Clash Chinese New Year movie insists on was maintained in this animation video, and a lot of light and shadow effects were also applied to present the plot.

    At the beginning, the plots that many classic Clash characters “chased” the rabbit, as well as the barbarian lion dance and the show-up of the martial arts monk, were all presented via special light and shadow techniques. This technique is similar to the shadow play in the Chinese New Year Rabbit animation released by Clash of Clans, which not only perfectly interprets the plot but also brings a new sensory experience to the audience.

    After the perfect ending of the rabbit light show, the video comes to an end. The scene returns to the theater, where the audience gives an enthusiastic applause for the wonderful performance. In the meantime, the main character’s mobile phone vibrates with a notification that Clash Games is launching limited content during the Chinese New Year.

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