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    Home News Co-op adventure game, Riverbond launches December 10th on the Switch!

    Co-op adventure game, Riverbond launches December 10th on the Switch!


    An interesting handcrafted co-op game called Riverbond is coming to the Switch this coming December 10, priced at $24.99 / €21.99 as shared by developer Cococucumber alongside a free update of a new world as well as Spelunky crossover skin for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


    Play it solo or with friends

    A type of action adventure shoot-and-slash dungeon crawler that is imbued with handcrafted adventure and a destructible voxel world. Join in with friends for that couch action and embark in the heroic campaign playing as a hero saving the charming citizens of Riverbond from evil. With over 9 crossover characters from beloved indie games like Shovel Knight, Bastion, Guacamelee! and Spelunky!.

    Key Voxel Destruction Features:
    • Solo or a frantic 1-4 players Couch co-op (drop-in/out)
    • Bring down massive towers with your sword or exploding environments into a colourful boom.
    • Hand-crafted levels with 9 unique worlds
    • Destructible voxel environments
    • Adorable Enemies, unexpected allies and Bosses!
    • Feel the real-time physics
    • Wielding over 50 types of melee weapons and guns
    • Activate power-ups
    • Unlock over 100 playable skins including crossover skins!

    The game is set for December 10, 2019 release on Switch.

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