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    2D Sandbox Vehicle Creation Game ‘Machinaero’ launches this December!

    Austrian developer Tobias Sturn shared the release date of their upcoming game Machinaero coming to iOS on December 10th, 2019.



    Innovate in 2D

    A 2D sandbox using innovative physics engine that not only simulates the very aerodynamics such as wind friction but also lifts and drags realistically like a real vehicle.

    Use your imagination to invent and build the machine, from something simple to a grand complex spacecraft, and test them to the limits by exploring the world in water, the air or even the land. Adapt and overcome obstacles such as winds, rough seas, dark caves, wild jungles, hot deserts, and freezing mountains. Explore, set a new record and even celebrate as you achieve a new global high score list. Soar and go to places no man has thought of going before with just a peek of your imagination.

    Key Mechanical Features:

    • Use more than 50 block types to create any machine you can imagine.
    • Gather resources such as wood, stone and metals.
    • Get ready for some procedurally generated graphics and world.
    • Experience different climate zones.
    • Customize your own character
    • Compare your achievements with others and be the first to do a supersonic flight, overcome the desert or reach outer space.

    Imagine the possibilities this coming December 10, 2019 on the iOS.

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