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    Classic retro shooter Prodeus presents an Early Access Launch Trailer

    Developer Bounding Box Software and publisher Humble Games presents a recent addition to the early access game project titled Prodeus, a retro FPS shooter for PC.

    Source: Video Game Showcase

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    Prodeus is a first-person shooter of old, re-imagined using modern rendering techniques. It reaches the quality you expect from a AAA experience while adhering to some of the aesthetic technical limits of older hardware.

    The game features a hand-crafted campaign from industry FPS veterans, a fully-integrated level editor, and a built-in community map browser for instantaneous action with nearly limitless levels to play.

    Get ready to paint the walls red. This is the Boomer Shooter you’ve been waiting for.

    Our Art Style:

    • Anesthetic mix of high-quality 3D art and retro rendering techniques
    • Over the top visual effects (Explosions! Blood! Gore! Oh My!)
    • Infinite blood and a satisfyingly gory dismemberment system


    • Visceral and engaging combat scenario
    • Heavy-duty weaponry
    • Dynamic heavy metal soundtrack from Andrew Hulshult
    • A multitude of secrets to discover


    • Built-in community map browser
    • Advanced but easy to use level editor
    • Tons of difficulty and game modes with online high score support

    The Team:

    Prodeus is being developed by Michael Voeller and Jason Mojica of Bounding Box Software who have a combined 25 years of FPS development experience, along with talented freelance artists and designers.

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