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    Rusty Rabbit Kicks Off A Story & Characters Trailer

    From Gen Urobuchi (NITRO PLUS) and NetEase Games, “Rusty Rabbit” is set for release on the latest PC (Steam) and PlayStation 5 on Tuesday, September 24th, 2024.

    Pre-orders for PlayStation 5 has started. The protagonist is a middle-aged rabbit named “Stamp,” dubbed by the talented Japanese voice actor Takaya Kuroda.

    Experience the unique charm of Stamp’s cuteness and chrismatic voice as he embarks on an exciting adventure.

    Details as shared on Steam:

    Humankind abandoned Earth as it entered another ice age. Over time, those who came to hold dominion over the world were… rabbits!? Stamp, a cute rabbit with an old soul, pilots his trusty mech “Junkster” through the giant ruins of a frozen world in this Side-Scrolling Action Adventure.

    • Mysterious setting –
      Experience exhilarating action and mystery as you dig ever deeper into the giant ruins
    • “Smash and Dash” your way through mazelike ruins –
      With your mech’s ninja-like speed and mobility, explore the ruins by smashing through blocks, and loot any treasure that awaits
    • RPG-like progression and customization –
      Upgrade your mech with parts and materials collected from within the ruins! Improve Stamp’s skills through intense battles with enemies guarding treasures
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