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    Chrono Odyssey Brings In A Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Developer Npixel shares a gameplay reveal of the upcoming action MMORPG Chrono Odyssey, coming to consoles PS5, Xbox, and PC.

    Overview details as shared on the official website:


    Setera is a land full of unexplored regions, with rewards and riches yet unknown. Let your courage carry you to new regions as you face formidable foes. With your newly acquired control over spacetime and the alliances you form throughout your journeys, you may just yet conquer the lands you discover. There is no one way through this world filled with opportunity born of the chaos of warping spacetime. Welcome to Setera. The adventure is yours to be had.

    At first glance, Setera may appear as a peaceful, beautiful land filled with nature. However, Setera is also now the frontlines of the war against the Void, which has been ongoing since the beginning of time. This land is filled with the dangers and chaos caused by twisted time and space and contradicting timelines. These same dangers provide countless mysteries and opportunities not afforded to any other world. Uncover the secrets behind Setera’s timeline and find a way to save everyone —including yourself.

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