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    Bushiden, a futuristic ninja platformer in the making

    Finally, a retro-looking ninja game with cool slick moves to boot, Bushiden by developer Pixel Arc Studios has recently Kickstarted this futuristic cool oozing ninja game for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC. Check out it’s smooth 3 minute gameplay trailer below:

    Save your sister in distress

    Save your vanished sister from a rumoured enemy Gaoh that has been recently resurrected alongside his evil cybernetic army at his command. Make way to jump, combo, grab, toss, climb and dodge roll your way with cybernetic upgrades to stop Gaoh once and for all.

    Key Ninja Features

    • Seven levels to fight and explore including the prologue area!
    • Like Megaman, survive the onslaught of epic boss fights and defeating them to unlock more means of traversal and even combat abilities!
    • Purchase upgrades and Chi spells Attacks via Tech Shop!
    • Grab and toss enemies around is part of the Unique “crowd control” combat system gives allows player more freedom to dispatch enemies in bulk.
    • Backtrack and revisit levels with newfound abilities to unlock new areas and unlock new powerful abilities in return.
    • Beautifully slick drawn and animated pixel art!

    Bushiden will be jumping his way for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC in 2020.

    Below is it’s previous story trailer and Kickstarter trailer:



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