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    Side scrolling action – Bushiden portrays a story trailer

    Pixel Arc Studios showcased ninja 2D action platformer Bushiden’s story trailer which will be coming on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC next year 2021.

    Source: GameSpot Trailers

    Details below as shared on Humble Games

    Your sister has vanished…

    …and rumors swirl that Gaoh has been resurrected with an evil army at his command. Explore for cybernetic upgrades until you are powerful enough to defeat the diabolic Gaoh and his cybernetic army once and for all in this futuristic, action platformer!

    Bushiden is a 2D action platformer, ala strider with a retro look and feel.

    • 7 levels to explore plus a prologue area!
    • Survive epic boss fights to unlock new traversal and combat abilities!
    • Unique “crowd control” combat system gives the player powerful options for dispatching hordes of foes!
    • Revisit levels with upgraded abilities to unlock new areas and become more powerful!
    • Beautifully drawn and animated pixel art! They don’t make games like this anymore!
    • Purchase upgrades and Chi Spell Attacks from the Tech Shop!
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